Discover the ONE thing you can do each day to leave feelings of anger, resentment, fear, and bitterness behind WITHOUT ASKING ANYONE ELSE TO CHANGE.

What You Will get with your boldology journal today!

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  • Physical Copy of your Journal shipped to your door ( $37 Value)
  • ​Digital (ie printable) Journal pages ($19 Value)
  • ​Video message to ensure you get the most out of your journal. Think of it as a personal training session with Jessica ($57 value)
  • Exclusive access to ​The BOLD Boundaries Training ($97 Value)
  • ​​Felt tip pen so you can literally put pen to paper. ($5)
  • ​Total Value $215

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I'm ready! let's do this!

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You may be telling yourself 
"I will feel better when..."

  •  My situation changes.
  • When my partner, my kid, my ex (whoever it maybe) changes _____  OR stops doing ____  OR starts doing ______.
  • After I finish ______.
  • ​When I accomplish ______.
  • ​When my kids are out of the house.
  • ​When I have kids.

Maybe it is time to start feeling your best NOW !

Meet Jessica

Jessica Frew is a wife, ex-wife, mom, stepmom, and BOLD action taker. She has a successful podcast called “Husband in Law” that she records with her husband, Matt, and her ex-husband, Steve. Together they are sharing their stories of love, marriage, coming out, divorce, remarriage and co-parenting to help others know they are not alone. They also co-own The BOLD Logic. A company devoted to helping people go from living in an “I should” mindset to taking BOLD action towards keeping and reclaiming their sense of self. Jessica is a firm believer that by knowing and understanding what it is you really want in life you can BOLDly create a life you love, no matter what your circumstances. 

Having spent years working through her own healing, she served as a facilitator for support groups for Friends and Family of Pornography Addicts. During these experiences she realized she had been given a gift that she could use to help others heal as well. She has decided it is time to start sharing what she has learned with others.

Today she has a successful podcast called “Husband in Law” that she records with her husband, Matt, and her ex-husband, Steve. Together they are working to spread the values of Love, Kindness, Acceptance, Understanding, Respect, and Appreciation as key tools for creating healthy relationships.