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Made it through betrayal only to be left wondering NOW WHAT? I got you boo. 
I will take your hand and walk you step-by-step back to knowing YOU

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Do you feel like: 

  • This isn't what your life "Should" look like and there is no moving forward?
  • ​You have been trying to be the "perfect wife" for so long you don't know who you are any more. 
  • Like you have no one to that understands.  Do you feel no one is (or no one will) support you in the decisions you want to make. 
  • ​You don't know how your life will look now. You don't know what you want. You don't know how to feel. 
  • ​You are worried about your kids.
  • ​You are being left behind to keep real life moving forward, when you are still struggling to get out of bed
  • ​You are ready for clarity and peace but don't know how to find it or if it is even possible.

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